The Energy and Security Nexus: A Strategic Dilemma

March 3-4, 2011
McKimmon Center, Raleigh

This event is co-sponsored by TISS and the NCSU Energy and Security Initiative, the US Army War College, the Research Triangle Energy Consortium, Duke’s Program in American Security Studies, and NCSU’s College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, this event will bring together technical experts and foreign policy experts from academia and government.

The goal of this conference is to heighten awareness of the vital connections between energy and security. The energy choices the US will make in the coming years will have a profound effect on human, national, and collective security. The strategies pursued by other countries in their search for energy security will help shape the future international order. And our ability to meet our energy needs will hinge upon our ability to work within this new environment and deal with changing security threats. The conference will begin by examining how the search for energy shapes the security environment at every level. It will go on to consider how the security environment affects our ability to secure energy. And it will conclude by thinking about how we can best resolve the energy and security dilemma.

This event is free and open to the public. Students are warmly encouraged to come.  Space is limited, however, so advanced registration is required.

To register, submit this form by February 25th.

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