RTEC Breakfast Energy Forum

RTEC fosters an integrated approach to energy incorporating technology, economics and policy to stimulate action, with an emphasis on the grand challenges in energy today.  At each breakfast forum we will discuss a topic announced in advance.  A short presentation by the moderator will introduce the topic and set the stage for discussion. No slides will be presented but a flip chart will be available for on the spot illustration.  A moderated discussion will endeavor to shed light on the topic.

We will stop right on 8.30 AM, but the room will be available for another 30 minutes for informal discourse for those that choose to stay.  The breakfast forums are scheduled to occur on the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Time: 7.30 – 8.30 AM
Location: Conf. Room A and B, Advanced Technology Building
3021 E Cornwallis Road
Cost: None.  RTEC will cover expenses

This month’s topic:   Which Games are Natural Gas Changing?

There is a lot of talk of natural gas being a game changer in the US.  This term is often used loosely in the popular business literature, right up there with Paradigm Shift.  Once in a while it is a propos. It could well be in this case.  Due to coal to gas switching in electricity production, natural gas appears to be the unwitting reason for the US CO2 emissions dropping to 1994 level; and we did not even sign the Kyoto treaty!  Do we have enough to allow further switching from coal?  Certainly the Russians are worried.  Cheap gas is emboldening substitutes for oil based fuels.  The NG price differential with Europe and Asia is competitively advantaging industries from fuels to fertilizer to steel, likely causing a rush to invest in the US.  A country that is seemingly allergic to comprehensive energy policy will soon face forks in the road.  Some believe that LNG exports will threaten the bonanza.  What are the other policy forks in the road?

Breakfast is by Invitation Only.  Please send additional requests to dar@rti.org

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