Core Competencies

A pressing need for the United States and the rest of the world is the development of alternative sources of energy, both electricity and transport fluids, to ensure plentiful supply while protecting the environment.  In addition, low cost energy is essential for the growth of economies.  This interplay, between energy and economy, along with the effects of changes in one on the other, and the policies that could affect the outcome, are at the the core of RTEC led efforts.  Consequently, our activities will focus on these issues with the greatest impact on the viability of the most important alternatives.

Energy and Transportation:
  • Biofuels and oil based alternatives such as methanol as substitutes
  • Electrification of Transport
  • Lithium Resource
Energy and Power Generation:
  • Clean Coal
  • Nuclear
  • Biomass
  • Smart grid
  • Storage Devices
Energy and the Environment:
  • Carbon capture and storage and beneficial use of carbon dioxide
  • Life-cycle analysis
  • Energy efficiency
  • Solar power and micro grids, especially DC
Energy and Society:
  • Energy economics and finance
  • Energy security
  • Consumer acceptance of alternative products
  • Demand side management
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